Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How it Works

What is included with each ticket?

Each registrant will receive the following with their ticket purchase: - 2 or 3 bottles of premium wine from a small-production winery in California - the cost of shipping the wine - access to the virtual show featuring 3 different hilarious comedians - 15% - 25% of the cost of your tickets will be donated to the mission-driven organization - 10% donation from the winery to your organization for any follow-on purchases (up to 7 days after the event)

Do we have to tip the comedians?

Tipping is not required but highly encouraged and much appreciated! At the end of the show we will display each comedians QR code for Venmo and/or PayPal. It's just this simple: 1) open the Camera app on your phone 2) point it at the QR code for the comedian(s) you wish to provide gratuity 3) enter a dollar amount 4) push send!

Does the non-profit organization have any responsibility once we book the event?

Kinda yes, kinda no! Our only ask of the organization is to help promote the event to their network of donors, volunteers, family and friends! At the end of the day, the success of this fundraising event will largely be based on your marketing and outreach efforts. However - you can hire our Wine Nest Pros to deliver professionally designed email and social media marketing pieces for you to use. The cost for this additional service is only $99. In terms of event coordination and logistics - The Wine Nest handles 100% of those details including: - managing event registration through EventBrite - processing payments from the guests and to the winery and comedians - coordinating and troubleshooting technology issues before and during the event - negotiating contracts with the comedy talent - negotiation prices and shipping with the winery - providing a professional MC for the event - remitting the donation payment to your organization - negotiating 10% follow-on donation for any wine purchases after the event (up to 7 days)

What is the cost to our mission-driven organization?

There is absolutely ZERO cost for your organization to host a Virtual Wine and Comedy event with The Wine Nest! Your only responsibility to is to promote the event and get your passionate donors involved! However - you have the option to hire our Wine Nest Pros to deliver professionally designed email and social media marketing pieces for you to use when promoting the event. The cost for this additional service is only $99.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of tickets that can be sold?

The minimum event size requires 30 tickets to be sold and there is no maximum size. IMPORTANT EXAMPLE: if one individual buys a Tier 2 (3 bottle) ticket and invites 4 friends to their home to enjoy the event, we view that as only one ticket sold.

How long are these virtual events?

We endeavor to keep these fun events between 75min and 90min. Our goal is to be respectful of everyone's time but also not cut the party short if people are having a great experience!

I love this! How do I get started?

We thought you would :) Here is the simple process: 1) fill out the booking request form above 2) schedue a call with one of our Virtual Event Specialists to discuss details 3) decide if you wish to have our Marketing Pros design materials for you to promote the event 4) confirm a date/time for the event 5) share the exciting news with your network to encourage guests to purchase tickets! Our team will handle everything else!

Does anyone from my organization need to join or host the event?

This is definitely not required but we highly encourage someone from the organization to give an Opening Address to the guests when the event starts. We can handle this for you if no one is available but we have found this to be very engaging and impactful to the donors who join.

Who manages the communication with my invited donors?

Your organization will be responsible for fielding questions about the event but you can rely on us for support if needed.

Cost, Taxes, Fees

What is the cost per ticket to these virtual events?

Tier 1: 2 bottles of wine: $90 Tier 2: 3 bottles of wine: $135 These prices do not include platform fees from Eventbrite or gratuity for the comedians.

Is the cost of the ticket tax deductible as a donation?

Yes! 15% - 25% of your ticket cost will be donated to the mission-drive organization. If you wish to receive a letter to acknowledge the donation, please contact the organization directly.

Is there any way to raise more money outside of the % of ticket sales?

Yes! We will offer guests the option to donate to your organization live during the event. This will be discussed further after you request a booking but there will be a few options for you to consider.

The Wine

Which wines will be selected for the tasting?

The Wine Nest has hand-selected a group of California-based, small-production wineries who consistently produce some of the best wine in the country! Each event will feature a single winery and a representative from the winery will join the event to host the tasting.

What if some of my donors don't drink wine?

That is perfectly fine however we require that each registrant purchases at least one ticket if they wish to support event and join the show. For guests who don't drink wine we encourage them to: - donate the bottles to your organization as a future auction item or inventory at a future event - gift the bottles for a special occasion

Do we have the option to choose which winery or wines are shipped?

Unfortunately not at this time. As The Wine Nest grows we plan to give our organizations the option to select a specific winery or style of wine for their tasting.

How will our guests receive the wine?

Upon purchasing a ticket we will collect their shipping address for the precious cargo. Our team works with the winery directly to process the delivery. To ensure timely delivery before the event, we can only guarantee delivery if tickets are purchased 10 days before the event. Guests can still purchase tickets after that deadline but there is no guarantee that the wine will arrive in time for the event.

The Comedy

Who are the comedians?

We have a network of top talent who are more than excited to help support your organization while making you bust-a-gut laughing! Depending on availability we hand-select three comedians for each event that we feel will be a great fit for you! Information about the comics and links to their website and social media will be provided in advance of launching the event/ticketing page.

Does the comedy have to be R-rated?

No! You will receive a "Comedy Profile Quiz" when you book an event so that we can learn about your tolerance for things like: - swearing and the f-bomb - social humor - racial humor - gender humor - situational humor (engaging the audience for jokes) - etc.

Promoting my event

What is the best way to promote my event?

We have found that email marketing and social media marketing are the most effective way to share this exciting virtual fundraiser with your network. These channels include: - Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - Your own website - Your email distribution list Also, you have the option to hire our Wine Nest Pros to deliver professionally designed email and social media marketing pieces for you to use. The cost for this additional service is only $99.

What if we do not have any marketing resources?

We can certainly help here. Our Wine Nest Pros can deliver professionally designed, branded marketing materials (for email and social media) that you can use to promote the event. This additional service costs $99 per event. However, the most powerful tool that you can use is your own network including: - your email distribution list - social media following - personal network of friends and family

Do we need to share our contact list with you?

Most definitely not. Those are your relationships and we 100% respect that. However, one of the powerful marketing and fundraising tools we use would require you to upload your distribution list to the system ( We can discuss this option and privacy concerns during our call after you submit a booking request.


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