Here's what you need to know when booking with us

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How it Works

When you plan your move with Ozzy On The Move, your goods are not automatically covered for insurance and you may opt for purchasing your own content insurance cover from a recommended third party or anywhere as per your convenience.

We encourage you to ask our advisor for help regarding insurance when you make a booking with us. 

While we are completely safe and professional with each our removal job, we understand that damages do happen, and for a complete peace of mind suggest our customer to take out a Full Insurance for their move. Please do note that Ozzy On The Move and our Alliance Partners/Contractors work under your direction and take no responsibility for any damages, should they occur. 

We strongly recommend you to please refer to the booking contract which is shared with you when you make a booking enquiry with us, and carefully read the detailed terms and conditions available on our website (link in footer below) to be certain before making up your mind to avoid any surprises.

Also irrespective of the above, we may refuse to remove large or fragile or cumbersome Goods or Goods which weigh in excess of 100kgs (such as pianos, safes and billiard tables) if you have not notified us of those items at the time of booking.  Any such items if we decided to move will carry a separate additional charge and any damage which occurs will be at your sole risk. As also mentioned in Clause 6.1 of our terms and conditions, we are not common carriers and accept no liability as such, we also offer no warranty or liability for large wardrobes, furniture items from Ikea (or similar) which are usually assembled and more prone to breakages, furniture or household items with white or light color covered with polyurethane fabric, leather, or any other fabric or non fabric materials. Also we offer no warranty of furniture or household items which are (fully or partially) made up of glass, marble, granite or stone items which are highly prone to breakage during a move. Any such item needs to be clearly disclosed by you along with pictures (where possible) before entering into contract with us to provide us with the opportunity to accept or decline carriage of such items. We shall not be held liable in any situation where such items were not brought to our notice along with their pictures (where possible) and description in writing before entering into any contract with us. Also such items may require a separate insurance to be purchased by you at he time of booking with us or as advised by us from time to time.